Come Closer to Sunrise - Castle Rock - Porongurup
Rising 570m above sea level Castle Rock allows visitors to take in 360 degree view of the Amazing South Coast from the Granite Skywalk.
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Come closer to Breath Taking - The Gap - Albany
Suspended 40 meters above the Southern Ocean the cantilevered platform that sits over the Gap allows you to see the raw power of the ocean as it breaks against the granite cliffs.
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Come Closer to Nature - Bald Head - Albany
Just 20 minutes from Albany you will find Bald Head peninsula. With breathtaking views of King George Sound & the Southern Ocean. Spot whales and enjoy abundant wildflowers from July to November.
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Come Closer to Giants - Tree Top Walk - Nornalup
The Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk climbs 40 metres into the forest canopy taking you on a journey through the treetops. Enjoy a bird’s eye view of some of the biggest timber giants on Earth – Western Australia’s majestic tingle trees.
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Come Closer to Orcas - The Bremer Canyon - Bremer Bay
From January to March join a tour to watch Orcas. Spot sunfish as they bask on the surface and watch as dolphins ride the bow wave of your tour vessel.
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Come Closer to Honour - The National Anzac Centre - Albany
This award winning museum takes visitors on a personal journey, following some of the 42,000 ANZACs that departed from Albany in 1914.
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Your guide to the September long weekend in Albany
From markets to hiking to the best of Albany's natural attractions, this City of Albany guide has you covered.
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