AGM Board Nomination 2019

Amazing South Coast Tourism Inc Board of Management

All Amazing South Coast board positions will be up for election at the November 2019 Annual General Meeting. Seven positions are available comprising of 4 elected board members, each of whom is to be a financial member of the Association and up to 3 appointed Board members. If those elected do not include a member residing (or whose place of business is) within the local government areas of Albany, Denmark or Plantagenet, then one for such area shall be appointed by those elected.

Board meetings are held each month.  Attendance is important to the administration of Amazing South Coast Tourism Inc.

To nominate for The Amazing South Coast Board, please click on the following link and complete the Board of Management nomination form returning it to Peter Grigg before close of business 30th October 2019

Nomination Form – Amazing South Coast Tourism Inc – Board of Management

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