National Parks

A diversity of ecosystems hosted in the shadow of regal forests, the exultation of granite peaks that emerge from the landscape, or sparkling turquoise bays studding protected stretches of unspoilt coastline.

Where will you choose to begin your adventure? See below for ideas to experience the National Park of The Amazing South Coast.


Stay Safe

If you choose to hike in some of the Amazing South Coast’s more rugged locations, you will need to prepare well.

  • Wear boots or sturdy footwear, weatherproof clothing and sun protection.
  • Carry 2-3 litres of drinking water per person for half to full day walks.  
  • Be prepared for sudden weather changes.  
  • Take plenty of food on hikes and notify someone of your expected time of return.  
  • National Parks are baited to control foxes. The poisonous 1080 baits (small chunks of dried meat or pink sausages) should not be handled.  
  • Eucalypt trees can shed branches at any time. Be extra aware on windy days.

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