Nature and wildlife

The Amazing South Coast is a hotspot of rare and unique flora and fauna, evident at every step from the ruggedly beautiful and seemingly endless coastline, to the coastal heath and majestic tingle and karri forests.

A diverse range of plants, wildflowers, forests and animals are ripe for discovery among breathtaking natural formations, stark cliff faces, sandy plains and sheltered gullies.

Ten priority threatened species – including the Western ringtail possum, Gilbert’s Potoroo, the Western ground parrot, endangered noisy scrub-bird, Toolbrunup pygmy trapdoor spider, Sarah’s peacock spider, Australasian bittern, freshwater Western trout minnow, the carnivorous Stirling Range rhytidid snail and the impossibly cute dibbler – call the region home.

More than 8000 species of wildflowers and 300 species of delicate orchids bloom across the region every spring (August through to November), making wildflower tours perennially popular!

Much of this ecological treasure is protected within The Amazing South Coast’s eleven national parks and many nature reserves, and form one of just 36 biodiversity hotspots in the world.

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